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Is pain physical or psychological?

Is pain physical or psychological?

I have been thinking in this regard. Is my headache related with some kind of psychological problem?  Although I look healthy and completely fit, I have been suffering from constant headache which makes me think about all the possibilities.

There are number of reasons for the headache. Do I have eye problem? No, not at all. I can still read all those tiny letters sitting far behind my computer. What else? Now, my mind got something valid to ponder on. Is my blood pressure getting low? Who knows? I haven’t even tried to check myself once. May be some kind of tumor in the brain. OMG! Thought of a tumor reminds me the ABC soap called “Eli stone”, where the Eli, the lawyer always has a significant vision which comes true later due to aneurysm. Do I have vision too? Yes, I visualize myself starting over my job again. Do I like my work at present? I don’t know. I know. Still I pretend I don’t know. It gives me more money than other work. I have unlimited opportunities to explore in the sea of this career.  

This headache could be the result of not enjoying my work or an invisible reason which stops me to rejoice my hard work.  Or it is time for me to take a short break to figure out how I can see myself in the coming days. It can be the reason for being unproductive from few months. There can be various reasons in my complex psyche.

But I had my back sprained two days back while taking a morning walk and could not move my neck right and left. My muscle on the left scapula was hurt till yesterday.  I was lying on the bed most of the time. Could this headache be the result of my sprained back? It is completely physical and there is no psyche hidden inside.

I can think of hundreds of reason causing me headache and I can cherish this as long as I want. Still it is my choice if I want to make this an issue or not. Tylenol can help me for the short period of time, but what after that? I know my mind has a power to accept or refuse to think this symptom as a major health problem.

Now, it is the time for me to stop wasting my sleep hours and be the decisive factor for my pain or the pleasure, for whatever the reason, physical or psychological.

 No more pain please!

Hurray! My headache is gone!



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Debating pain and the cause and effect.

Dear Bobby,

This was a great blog. I love your writing style.The descriptive detail and the questioning expressions really draws a reader into understanding the whole debate. I,too, have experienced the same conflict at times and my thoughts turn inward to assign blame. Usually I make a diagnosis of allergies>>>much to the chagrin of my Daughters who say that I am nerve wracking with this conclusion. But over the years I have found certain patterns of aches and pains at specific times of the year. With your creative spirit I know that you will understand.
I really am looking forward to your blogs.
Happy Fourth of July to you and your family!
Mary Walsh
ADD:I loved your blog the other day about the face and facing of fear! You are very talented.

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Thank you!

Dear Mary,

 I can not express my happiness in the words when I read your comment.

Your response to my blog made me feel like we share common ground if not exactly the same.  It seems like you are  my  close friend and we can discuss in this topic more and more.

Thank you for your support!

I wish I could write how I feel, but can not, only my heart knows!

 Best regards,