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The  young girl around early twenty  entered the store, tried to ask something to me, then suddenly she laughed and said “What is this?” when she read the name in my badge. I know what she meant and why she thought my name was the joke of her life. As you know my name spells “Bobby” and this is...
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Is pain physical or psychological? I have been thinking in this regard. Is my headache related with some kind of psychological problem?  Although I look healthy and completely fit, I have been suffering from constant headache which makes me think about all the possibilities. There are number of...
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It took me almost two years to post a first blog in the red room. The reason was and still is fear to make mistakes, feel humiliated and insecure. I always want to write something, actually everything from the bottom of the heart. So that people can see me through the heart, clear and transparent....
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Dear Paulo, I believe in belief that you are reading my letter now. You may not know me but you know the character into me as you portray in your novel sometimes. Yes, I find myself in “The witch of port folio” or the protagonist in “The fifth mountain.” There is a part of me in every character if...
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