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Despair: A Call for Help

Oppressive weight blankets my mind
Isolated from happiness, creativity, enthusiasm

So much pretending, forced gaiety
When will it be genuine, natural...?

Always anxious thoughts, clouding in
Sleep, a brief reprieve, never a solution

Fear, terrified of losing what I have
Keeps me from seeking the support I need

Save me from my own self-directed, prison of mind
Be the strength when I need it most

Searching for freedom of thought and mentality
Never finding what I am looking for

Loneliness in a crowded room
The pressure to feel normal, always forefront

Does this have to be, is there no solution...?
I have to believe that there is help

In desperate need, denial is my armour
A new day, a temporary salve

Unable to ask for help
Unwilling to seek assistance

If love cannot save me, see through me
What can I hope for...help!


© Bobbie Crawford-McCoy 2010

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-- All My Best, Bobbie

All My Best,

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