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You Can't Make This Stuff Up, But You Can Use It!

There's just nothing to write about? Really?

How about taking a look at today's newspaper. For example, in mine today, three stories virtually leaped off the page. 


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  • A man running fur U.S. Senator makes a really lame comment about women and rape.
  • Following the arrest of a noted country singer for driving while intoxicated - naked - people begin coming forth saying they like to drive naked.
  • The director of an apocalyptic movie about kids who hunt one another reveals the delight he experienced in finding a delapidated group of houses in a rural setting for the movie by saying, "It's really hard to come up with this sort of squalor from scratch."

The first two approaches I can think of to meld these "torn from the pages" stories into one of your own would be:

  • A Philip Roth/Kurt Vonnegut satire  -  a "let it all hang out" personality living out a libidinous fantasy or two in either a big city or a counry town...or both. 
  • A dark story of the crudenesses lying just below the surface of "normal" people's "normal" lives, leading to...what?...crimes? the destruction of a family? A way of life? 

Real life often seems stranger, more evocative, than anything you might have the nerve to invent. So why not begin there? Why not let real life parade its strangeness before you and tempt you into its story?


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Sure beats the Irish news

Sure beats the Irish news about people unable to pay mortgages and people who commit suicide because of that fact. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. m

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...we're enthralled with the really important things here.

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I actually collect

I actually collect fascinating and sometimes bizarre obituaries. You never know when one will become a great story.


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Pay No Heed...

As a fiction writer, often here and most often from my wife, an English major long years ago, I hear, "That's not realistic." Such finds as these I speak of and  your obits, Annette, go a long way in dispelling such brain cramps.  

I really need to delete that last image, don't I?