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Working Writer Report #1

This has been an intense year of writing for me. I began editing one of the novels I have had in print, "A Place Of Belonging," in January, and I'll finish that this week. I'll soon put up a mix of songs related to this story on iTunes, and I hope this winter to put a brief, staged segment of the book on YouTube, both to help with future marketing (I need help here...anyone?).

I had also begun re-editing my first novel, "A Reason To Tremble," waded five chapters deep, and thought I'd better wait until next year to deal with that one.

Why the editing? Both are more or less out of print and, keeping in mind that there's never been a perfect novel written, I wanted to have them as clean as possible before trying to get them back into print.

I'm also putting the finishing touches on a novella, "Collateral Damage," which will probably join my previous novella, "The Blue Bicycle," as a digital book.

Then there's the series of connected short stories I'm writing, in which a rural Alabama pool hall serves as a microcosm of American life. One of those is already in digital print at Language and Culture. More of that to come, hopefully.

On top of that, I'm taking in editing work from other writers - a case of providing that all-important "other set of eyes" on their writing.

And then there's the marketing of two other novels, "The Ground Between Us," and "The Eagle Of The East," that have yet to see print.

This is the life of a working writer - it's not glamorous, and there's a lot of work to it. But I wouldn't want to do anything else.

As things progress in these areas, I'll report them here.

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Please do!

Glad to see you're so busy busy busy! Keep those writerly fires burning! Q

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Sometimes the best way to encourage other writers is to show 'em a writer that just keeps plugging along. 

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That's the way to do it!

That's the best way of course. Sit down every day and do the work. No excuses. There's no magic formula for success except hard work and the creating of opportunities by the continual knocking of your 'pen' against the door...

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That's My...

...experience. It's not flashy, but as you say, it works.