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The Pale King by David Foster Wallace – review | Books | The Guardian

I haven't read Wallace's cobbled-together book and likely won't. I've read enough of his work, and Franzen's, to realize their writing talents are immense, but wasted on ego-tripping. Still, I can't help but read about Wallace's new book via the media blitz its publisher is orchestrating. Of the reviews I've read, this one seems likely to be the most revealing.Images

David Foster Wallace's suicide in 2008 was a shock that will go on reverberating for as long as people remain interested in the novel. Even if you had mixed feelings about his work, there was no doubting his colossal talent and no mistaking his centrality to his generation of American writers. If anyone was going to become the Melville of the corporatised society, the post-natural environment, the pharmacologically altered human landscape we all now inhabit, he was the one.

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