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The Most Likely of All iPad Rumors - Technology - The Atlantic Wire

It was fun trying to outguess Steve Jobs when a new Apple product was imminent. Most of the time we were bumfuzzled by these new products, wondering how in the world we were to make use of them, how Apple would manage tomarket and sell them. So it is with rumors of the impending iPad3 (or whatever it's to be called).I'm mostly interested in the iPad as an ebook reader (I have - and enjoy - a Kindle), caring hardly a whit about cameras, Siri, exotic apps, et al. But...if the new iPad were to gain sufficient capacity to be used as a word processor, I'd probably give up my Kindle and succumb to iPad.Large

Compiling a list of the lists of iPad 3 rumors, we get what we think is a pretty good idea of what the tablet will look like. We're generally skeptical of these rumor blogs, since their information come only from unnamed sources and shady reports. But, they are as close as we'll get to the truth when it comes to an Apple product launch, since the company refuses to dole out any sort of details pre-launch—on purpose. Since really anything could come out of today's event extravaganza, we've decided to judge the likelihood of these rumors based on the number of blogs that believe in them. Because: If the bloggers say it, it must be true. Right?

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