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Sony's New E-Reader

The following review of Sony's new e-reader announces the prospect of competition for iPad, Nook, and Kindle. Personally, I like the touchscreen e-readers better than those without, such as Kindle,- touching the screen to turn pages makes them seem more book-like - and I also like the iPod Touch's commitment to color. While I like the Kindle's larger screen, I've been reading my first book on Kindle and iPod Touch (yes, they can complement one another), and I don't really find the smaller screen a serious drawback.

The Sony e-reader is very lightweight, and that's a plus. And it may compete as an e-reader with devices such as Apple's iPod Touch.  What will the public prefer? We'll just have to watch as more readers commit to e-readers.


Sony hasn't exactly upstaged anyone in e-reader theater. But, the company's pocket-sized PRS-350 is looking to change that. The impetus was clear: Make an attractive, travel-sized, idiot-simple e-reader for the masses.

via www.wired.com