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Minor Trips

One of the distinct pleasures of blogging for me happens once a year, when I receive Bob Carson's Minor Trips Newsletter, now in its 23rd season. To love baseball, you gotta love the minor leagues, and this is Bob's bailiwick.


The minors are in a certain sense isolated. Teams are bound together into leagues, to be sure, but there really isn't a lot of cross-fertilization between most minor leagues, these being merely local phenomena. Bob does more than anyone I know to tie minor league baseball into a true baseball circuit. How? He provides information on each park, the teams' schedules, and he urges his readers and fans to visit as many minor league parks as they can during the late spring and summer months. It that ain't lovin' baseball, I don't know what is.

You can reach Bob at P.O. Box 360105, Strongsville, OH 44136, and for a mere $15 a one-year subscription to the newsletter and guidebook will come your way.

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