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Just BE!

I've been thinking a lot lately about the pace of modern life. Where the overly caffeinated chatterbox of previous decades seemed to imply a loss of equanimity, today such compulsion seems to be a virtue. Witness the cell-phone brandishing, SUV driving person all too close to your rear bumper. Witness as well the rate of addictions - not addictions of the illegal variety - I mean those we seem to esteem today: too much money is never enough. Gotta have the new gadgets. A bigger house. Our kids can't be satisfied with having fun as a Little Leaguer or ballerina; we're failures as parents if we don't prep the kids properly for the Olympics, the major leagues. 


All this seems a bit selfish to me. Or maybe more than a bit insecure. Success no longer equates to happiness; in fact I'm not sure we know anymore what happiness is. We put all our marbles on fame. Winning. Being the BEST. Does it ever occur that most of the time such achievement is at someone else's expense? It's a big, complicated world, ever more competitive, and being the best requires us to be EXTREME. Are we better off for such distortions of personality? Is our society? The world? No.


So what's the point of writing this, even of commenting on it casually? 


It's a syndrome oh, so easy to buy into, and we're all victims of it, largely because it's become so pervasive.


All right, what do we do about it?


Stop tweeting.


Stop blogging. 


Put down that remote, that iPod Touch, that cell phone.


Take an hour off occasionally, sit in the park and just BE.


Listen to the birds.


Watch the clouds drift by.


Notice how the wind changes direction every few minutes.


This may inform you that very little of what you're caught up in on a daily basis matters. There's meaning out there for us, but that's something easier accessed by BEING than by DOING.Images-2 


Check it out. Let me know if you agree.