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Guess The Line #10

Excellent famous line guy, Ross Goldstein, nailed yesterday's line, too. From The Great Gatsby, of course, by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Today's line will be the last in this series..at least for a while. Let me know what you think of these literary teasers, and if the response is positive, well, there are a lot more great lines out there.

This line should be easy if you're as big a fan of this 1930s American writer as I am:

"When I woke I looked around. There was sunlight coming in through the shutters. I saw the big armoire, the bare walls, and two chairs. My legs in the dirty bandages, stuck straight out in the bed. I was careful not to move them. I was thirsty and I reached for the bell and pushed the button. I heard the door open and looked and it was a nurse. She looked young and pretty."