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Some people celebrate New Year's Day. My big celebration will come some time later, on March 25th of 2013. That's the day my collection of connected short stories will be officially launched.

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Congratulations, Bob! The

Congratulations, Bob! The cover is a class act. m

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Thanks, Mary. The publisher

Thanks, Mary. The publisher is a small, indie affair, very writer friendly. To date, they've been a class act as well.

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Congratulations, Bob -- and good luck with the launching of your collection.  Getting a book published is an accomplishment -- and then getting out to readers and buyers is another adventure.  Have fun and success!

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It is!

Thanks, Bruce. The writing you have control over - maybe along with a teacher or critique group. But publishing, that's a whole other kettle of fish, and you just have to persist until someone who sees value in all your hard work comes along.

Hope your work is coming along well.

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