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A Year In Gridley Posts


Looking back at this time of the year is largely an American obsession, I think, and contented to be a citizen of these United States, I usually succumb to the trend. 

So what has been on the Gridley mind this year? In looking back at my posts, a few preoccupations stand out:

  • The inexorable move from print books to digital. I'm personally straddling the fence here, both in my reading preferences and in how I see my work published. 
  • We all love a winner, and I can't stay away from literary winners. Among my winning reads are: Olive KitteridgeTinkers, and Just Kids.
  • I continue to take pokes at the MFA phenomenon - not because I don't have one, nor because I dislike the phenomenon. Instead I want to challenge MFA to attract readers with good, accessible, non-pretentious writing. Too often academic programs in creative writing dig ever deeper into themselves and leave the story - and the larger project of literature - behind.
  • I find myself reading and reviewing more historical fiction - mostly war-related stories. What's that say about me??!?
  • I'm reading more European literature. Why? I find unique story structure there, historical and philosophical viewpoints - and of course interesting characters.
  • And finally, I tend to brag on writing and publishing successes of my writing colleagues - and of others, particularly of the Southern persuasion. To keep up with mine, visit hereoccasionally

Would you like to see me tackle other subjects in 2011? Let me know.