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A Poetic Addendum

I wanted, after thinking about it, to add this to my previous post about my somewhat pragmatic use of poetry:


I do like poetry, and I do like writing it. I'm reading a book of essays by T.S. Eliot at the moment, as I contend with trying to write coherent poetry. His essays are largely about poetry in drama (i.e., Shakespeare) and the older European poets of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. But one can't help being who and what one is in such a venture, so these essays have a lot to say about Eliot the poet and his thoughts about the craft of writing poetry.

I'll have more to say in a later post about this book, but I'm bringing it up now to say that I try to approach creative writing - whether poetry or prose - with the highest sense of honesty and integrity I can muster. So I'm learning a lot about poetry from Eliot as I read - and as I write. Always good to have the master whispering in your ear as you write.