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The Return of Mr. Miracleman

My latest piece (retitled "Lamb to the Slaughter") is up at BROAD STREET REVIEW.  You can read it here:  http://www.broadstreetreview.com/index.php/main/article/heart_attack_part_5_surgery_approaches

It begins:

Dr. D’s scheduling my surgery had left me feeling like Wile E. Coyote after encountering a steamroller, But the next day, Dr. M, my cardiologist, said, “Forget everything he said. He overstepped his bounds. I will decide if and when you have surgery. Your job is feel better and grow stronger.”

At the third session with my physical therapist, I walked, cane in hand, 20 feet, down the hill our house sits on, to the corner and back. “Congratulations,” she said, “you’ve graduated.” The next day, I walked ten minutes on flat ground. Three days later, I did 16. Then 20.