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Season's Greetings

Thanks to all my readers.  May you have a wonderful 2013.

The last of my cards went in the mail this morning.  (I usually go with a non-denominational PEACE-type message, so is long as I'm done by the first of the year, I figure I'm cool.

I like sending cards.  It started when I was in practice.  The clients liked them, and I told myself it bought me a little grace from even the nastiest.  All my active clients got one; so did everybody who sent me one the year before.  I'd send eight or ten for every card I received.

A year retired, and I am down to my last five.  A woman of Spanish origin, whom I helped get a divorce 40 years ago.  The wife of a guy I represented in a work comp case and to whom I kept lending money for years.  (She paid back every cent.)  Both members of a couple I represented at different times; he's from Greece and she's from China.  (They took me and my wife to dinner once; one of the only times that happened.)  And finally a guy who's serving life for murder.  I represented him in one thing or another all the while this cold case, totally unrelated to our business, was waiting to fall on him.

I can see them all in my head, which does not mean if we passed on the street I would know them, or them me, to nod. 

It feels nice, though.