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Of Debatable Significance

My take on the first debate just went up at First of the Month.  You can read it here:


It opens like this:

The author sent in this (prophetic) comment a few hours before the second debate.

Barack Obama’s sleepwalk through the first debate left me recalling Jimmy Carter. That’s Jimmy Carter, the lightweight champ, not Jimmy Carter, the president. Back in the 1950s, when boxing was in the grimy hands of James D. Norris’s IBC and Frankie Carbo and the Mob, Carter displayed a virtuosic genius for losing his crown to meatloafs, whom he would have for dinner in the pre-negotiated, mandatory rematch, thus insuring those savvy enough to bet the longshot the first time out one big payday and himself two checks for a single, pulse-elevating effort. (Two of Carter’s performances were sufficiently masterful to be voted "Upset of the Year," with him as Upsettee – and that didn’t include the non-title, road show try-out he managed to drop to one Johnny Cunningham, a pugilist who had previously managed – in the verbs originated by Red Smith – to overwhelm eight opponents, underwhelm twenty-four, and whelm three.)

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