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I am one of those guys, a doctor tells me to do something, I am going to do it. I am still doing my stretches prescribed for a protruding disc, L4-L5, that is probably older than some of you.

And I see my doctor every year. Western medicine, it’s okay with me. It’s peer-reviewed science, right? I just wish those peers could keep their answers straight. The Vitamin E Dr. Freddie used to recommend? It’s down the toilet. Now, he’s all about Vitamin D. The eight glasses of water I was supposed to hydrate with each day? Down to six. Now four. (Sure saves a lot of stumbling nighttime trips down the hall, let me tell you. One immediate benefit – I’ve probably cut my chances of falling and breaking a hip by 50%.) And the sun I was supposed to keep my hide out of? Now, it’s five minutes a day, each side, like I was a frigging lamb chop. Another source of D, plus it’s as good for my Ofuji’s Disease as popping into my dermatologist’s foil-lined closet for 45 seconds of UV rays at $75-a-zap. Ofuji’s, which you may not know, has no know cause, no known cure, and is most common among Asian males, of which I am not one.

Mother always said I was special.

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The good news is that most

The good news is that most of the regime seems to have worked!


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