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Chronicle ii

...so Thursday's Chron arrived, Adele advised me, at 8:40 am, long after I was settled at my dermatologists having my blemishes and pigmentation clucked at.  I acquired a complete copy (free) at the cafe, and when I reached my office, I called again to complain and threaten.  This time I insisted on speaking to a supervisor.  She promised to pass my concerns along to a higher up -- a district manager or supreme regional commander or something.  He would personally call me.  He didn't.  Instead we received a message yesterday afternoon from George,  "a customer care associate."  He promised to notify our carrier that we wanted our paper by 5:30 am.  It is now 8:00, and we are still waiting.    

When I discussed this civilizational collapse with my friend Robert the K, he toild me he had received a note from his deliveryman of decades long standing that he was off the job.  It seems that the Chronicle to reduce costs has "out-sourced" its delivery services to "super-dealers," each of which will serve 1000 or more customers.  They will employer regular carriers (mere mortals, I imagine) to man the routes.  The old carriers may or may not be offered these jobs at "extremely minimal" rates of compensation -- and Robert's wasn't.  

George has left his extension and assured us that if he isn't there, someone else will abe able to assist us.

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Sigh. I've done this song

Sigh. I've done this song and dance too many times to count. Sometimes a person JUST WANTS HIS DAMNED NEWSPAPER!!! It's hard to understand why, when we had this all worked out in the 1950s, we can't seem to master it in 2009.

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it's getting worse

My problem has been getting soggy papers. They put them in those offensive little baggies, but they don't do the trick. Sure, I can go on-line and read the paper for free, but it's not the same.

One of my great joys these days is a long lunch with the NYTimes. I think I enjoy it so much because I see a day not far from now when that's going to be impossible. Geez.

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My ritual has been the

My ritual has been the Chronicle's entertainment section with breakfast (5:30ish); news on my way to work (7:30/8:00ish); and, most important, sports at lunch.  So this week, I've had to count on assembling an entire paper at the cafes I encounter on route.

But yesterday afternoon I received a call from an area supervisor ("Benson"), who explained the carrier was having trouble learning the route.  (The fact that he was running about 3 hours later than our old carrier so early in the morning did not auger well for his ability to master new tasks quickly.)  However, Benson promised he would try to get me by paper by 6:00.  Well, the carrier didn't make that this morning.  But when I went down again at 6:30, it was there.  So he'd cut his previous best time  by an hour 40 minutes.  (He must have his entire car in one of those new swim suits.)