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Bob Emery

Happiness is perhaps one of the most subjective words in the English language. It can mean many things to many people and that is the way I think it should be. Happiness can be as simple as living in a democratic society, living one’s life freely and expressing one’s personal creativity as long as it does not infringe on or harm others. Your wife, children or your parents can bring happiness. Your work, often a source of accomplishment, can bring you happiness. Or, it can be nothing more than simple contentment with the life you may be blessed with. After all, not everyone chooses to live in the fast lane or seeks their fifteen minutes of fame. Money for some brings happiness, although in the end most will find it hollow. Consider also that happiness can be as fleeting as a summer storm.

How do you really define it? Happiness is not a material thing but a state of mind and your mind is capable of all sorts of reasons to be happy, long or short term.  Since we are all individuals, never again to be duplicated, I consider the word indefinable. Each of us seeks and hopefully finds the happiness we are searching for.  It is subjective and personal.

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You said it, indefinable is

You said it, indefinable is the word. What a task to try and bundle it up into words-happiness.............god, I, am lost for words, for once! m

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Thanks for your comment, Mary. Like a friend of mine in California is fond of saying, it is what it is.