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I'll be reading from my punk-wrestling memoir "Beer, Blood & Cornmeal: Seven Years of Incredibly Strange Wrestling" next Thursday, April 29th at 6pm in the Tully's Coffee in the MLK Student Union (on the corner of Bancroft & Telegraph). The book spent an entire week on the Chronicle Bestseller list. Now's your chance to try to fathom why or just remain baffled. Books and, more importantly, nachos will be for sale during the event. Come for the culture but stay for the nachos.

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Nov.03.2013 - 5:26 pm
"Is Amazon bad for publishers?" economist Felix Salmon asks in the title of his latest blog for Reuters where he delves into the questions raised by Duff McDonald's New York Times...
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Jan.24.2013 - 5:57 pm
Note the fine reading material on Jimmy Stewart's coffee table. It’s around 4 a.m. I can’t get to sleep. Vertigo is on one of the Starz HD channels. It only takes a few minutes to...
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Nov.13.2012 - 12:42 pm
  I have never had sexual relations with “Judo” Gene LeBell. Thanks to David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell, I actually have to say this. Way back in May 2002, I began working...
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Sep.24.2012 - 2:50 pm
I may have found the most twisted piece of conservative propaganda print matter out there. I know this is saying a lot with those Nancy Pelosi hunting licenses and the targets...
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Comments from Bob

Sep.15.2008 - 10:25 am
In response to: Truth & Memoir
I think it's her devout Catholicism that would make her faint from reading this book more than my use of the split...
Sep.11.2008 - 10:12 am
In response to: Truth & Memoir
Good writing covers up a multitude of sins. That might seem trite but it's true. I wrestled with a weird punk rock...
Aug.19.2008 - 11:00 am
In response to: I Wrestled Bigfoot
That's a very good question but I had two things going for me in ISW: 1) The refs were usually really drunk and spent...
Jul.21.2008 - 4:55 am
In response to: Ben Fong-Torres at the Book Table
Hey! That's multi-Eisner Award winning comic book artist Steve Leialoha in the background!
Jul.18.2008 - 11:25 am
In response to: The Tossup at Tosca
The whole horrifying someone thing comes from the wrestling show that the book itself chronicles. Sometimes we did...

Published Reviews

Beer, Blood & Cornmeal
Published by wwespain.blogspot.com
Un libro muy interesante a pesar de no haber tenido contacto alguno con la compañía antes... Calhoun, o Dante, nos cuenta las historias de luchadores tan extreños como el citado...