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Beer, Blood & Cornmeal
Published by wwespain.blogspot.com
Un libro muy interesante a pesar de no haber tenido contacto alguno con la compañía antes... Calhoun, o Dante, nos cuenta las historias de luchadores tan extreños como el citado...
Beer, Blood & Cornmeal
Published by Chicago Reader
Calhoun describes it as a moment where wrestling grappled with surrealism, and surrealism won out with a suplex powerslam—a scene where audience members whipped corn tortillas...
Beer, Blood & Cornmeal
Published by WIRED.com
A breezy and hilarious read, Beer, Blood & Cornmeal tells how a loose group of musicians, horror movie fans and a few actual professional wrestlers pushed lucha libre beyond...
Beer, Blood & Cornmeal
Published by The Oregonian
"...An epic and ribald account of seven years of Incredibly Strange Wrestling."
Beer, Blood & Cornmeal
Published by SF Weekly
"...(Bob Calhoun's) memoir of those turbulent times, 'Beer, Blood and Cornmeal,' reveals more than what we have any right to expect from a man who presided over matches pitting...
Published by The San Francisco Chronicle
A behind-the-scenes look at one of the best oddities to come out of the Bay Area over the past few decades: Incredibly Strange Wrestling.
Beer, Blood & Cornmeal
Published by The Metro (Silicon Valley)
"(Beer, Blood and Cornmeal) just makes you want to don a leopard skin and get paid 20 bucks to go in the ring and beat up a dude in a chicken...