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My musings on who should play The Hulk are up on PopEater
My punk-wrestling memoir.

Yesterday the big news was that Mark Ruffalo may be playing the Hulk. The day before it was that Ed Norton wasn't. But none of these pencil necked geeks are playing the Hulk himself. They're all playing his nerdy alter ego, Bruce Banner, while the Hulk is left up to a special effects team. I say that they need a man to play the Hulk. In my new piece on Popeater I say they need UFC heavyweight champ and freak of nature Brock Lesnar to slap on that green body paint.

 My musings on the Green-skinned Goliath's casting conundrums are up on AOL'S PopEater! You can check out the story right here.

Gina Misiroglu and the other folks at Redroom put me in touch with AOL and were a big help in placing the story and getting my writing a whole new audience.