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"Is Amazon bad for publishers?" economist Felix Salmon asks in the title of his latest blog for Reuters where he delves into the questions raised by Duff McDonald's New York Times review of Brad Stone's The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon. "It’s something of an article of faith,...
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Note the fine reading material on Jimmy Stewart's coffee table. It’s around 4 a.m. I can’t get to sleep. Vertigo is on one of the Starz HD channels. It only takes a few minutes to draw me in. Kim Novak is in the next room freshening up. Jimmy Stewart, looking so safe in his green V-neck sweater...
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  I have never had sexual relations with “Judo” Gene LeBell. Thanks to David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell, I actually have to say this. Way back in May 2002, I began working on LeBell’s autobiography, titled “The Godfather of Grappling.” During the following months I got to know the...
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I may have found the most twisted piece of conservative propaganda print matter out there. I know this is saying a lot with those Nancy Pelosi hunting licenses and the targets with Al Gore’s face in them that you can get at gun shows, but some Tea Party hobbits went and published this 55-page...
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Mitt Romney has been running for president for quite a while now, and he’s been making gaffes for as long as he’s been on this extended campaign trail.  On March 12, 2010, Romney took the time on his own birthday to stop by the California Republican Convention in Santa Clara to give his...
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It’s “Superman II.” General Zod and his renegade Kryptonians have seemingly put Superman down for good. The Kryptonians are all powerful, but this doesn’t matter to the Metropolisians re New Yorkers caught on the streets of the DC Comics version of the Big Apple. They ain’t gonna’ let this happen...
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Science fiction & horror paperbacks pulled from the author's shelves and piled on his bed.
Remakes. Reboots. Re-imaginings. Prequels. Prequels to remakes. That's what 2011 is going to remembered for—the year of the prequels to remakes. We've got three of them coming out this year ("Death Race 2," "Untitled Thing Prequel," and "Rise of the Apes"). I'd say...
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Beer, Blood & Cornmeal on NBC's Parenthood.
  "Parenthood" is about the Braverman family. We know this because they tell us over and over again. They've already said the word Braverman four times by the episode's 25-minute mark. Craig T. Nelson, as grizzled patriarch Zeek Braverman, says his surname three times. Does my dad...
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A copy of my book, Beer, Blood & Cornmeal: Seven Years of Incredibly Strange Wrestling, is going to be a piece of set décor on a primetime network sitcom. You know, like that statue of Superman that Jerry Seinfeld keeps in his apartment, or the still in Hawkeye's tent in M*A*S*H* or the framed...
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To the whole world, Terry Jones is a Florida pastor with a stack of Qurans and a book of matches, but every time I see his name in my web news feed, I can't help but think of Terry Jones from Monty Python. Here's my editorial on restoring the good name of Terry Jones to its Monty Python glories...
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Are "The Expendables" and "Star Wars" two great tastes that go great together? Well only if George Lucas reunites the cast of his original space saga while Mark Hamill can still lift a light saber. You can read my case for "Grumpy Old Star Wars" on AOL's Popeater. ...
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Yesterday the big news was that Mark Ruffalo may be playing the Hulk. The day before it was that Ed Norton wasn't. But none of these pencil necked geeks are playing the Hulk himself. They're all playing his nerdy alter ego, Bruce Banner, while the Hulk is left up to a special effects team. I...
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Frank Frazetta brought Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian to visual life in a way that director John Milius or Arnold Schwarzenegger could never hope to. Frazetta did it with paints and canvas, perhaps a better medium for realizing the grim Cimmerian with his arms of corded steel than...
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#6 in Kindle Wrestling Books
My punk-wrestling memoir, Beer, Blood and Cornmeal: Seven Years of Incredibly Strange Wrestling (ECW Press, 2008) was finally released for Amazon’s Kindle this week. This pleases my good friend Len E. B. who only buys books on the Kindle now since he spent around 300 bucks on the thing. Likely due...
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2012 vs. 2112. Illustration by Brandi Valenza
Roland Emmerich has built a career by putting the event in the event movie. His most famous film, Independence Day (1996), set the pattern by giving us Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith thwarting an alien invasion with a Mac laptop (presumably running OS 7) on the Fourth of July. With the exception of...
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