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I have a book!
Beer, Blood & Cornmeal

I have a book! Yes, I do. A book. Just one. Keep away. No! Mine! You can’t have it! Have a heart man! It’s the only one I’ve got! Get yer own!

Last Friday, a package was ignominiously left on my doorstep. Nobody knocked on the door or made me sign anything. I was on my way somewhere when I found it. Michael Holmes at ECW Press emailed me the day before to tell me that they were sending it so I was kinda’ expecting it but probably not quite so quickly. (Thanks for expediting this ECW! The wait was killing me!)

ECW Press pulled out all the stops with this one. There are 32 color pages of pics in it – all excellently reproduced. The pages look great. It’s really a book that I can be proud of.

I’m not sure if it’s going to ship out early or not. Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Powell’s are all still taking pre-orders for it. Get yours today.

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