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•“India-Pakistan Engagement with the Greater Middle East: Implications and Options”

This  article aims to examine Indo-Pakistan relations within analytical framework to assess their implications for the Middle East Asia, Afghanistan and Central Asia. Both the countries are  frantically engaged in deploying their military and nuclear capabilities, resources as well as extra-regional connections with  an intention to alter balance of power in one’s favour. For instance, Indo-Pakistan scramble for enhancing strategic connections with the United States with a view to derive maximum advantages from Washington has prodded Iran to gravitate towards Russia and China. Moreover, deep seated historic hostility between India and Pakistan has produced a peculiar geo-psychology among their decision makers to chase each other in pursuit of containing each other’s links with and influences in Greater Middle East Asia rather than contributing to peace, prosperity and stability in the region. For the methodological purpose, an attempt has been made to explore interaction and interconnectedness of the three core concepts- geopolitics, geo-economics and geo-psychology - in order to understand how and why India and Pakistan are chasing each other in the Greater Middle East Asia to preserve and promote their respective national interests.

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regional security and international relations

See BM Jain, "Regional Security in South Asia" ,in Hussein Solomon ,ed.,Challenges to Global Security: Geopolitics and Power in an Age of Transition ( I. B. Tauris London, 2008), pp. 90-111.