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Well, it's been an exciting six weeks, following the release of Accordion Dreams in late January. It began on January 23, with the official book launch at Booksmith in San Francisco.    Then it was on to Clayton Books. After that, a big celebration at local Berkeley folk club, Ashkenaz (with help...
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A very interesting experience, doing a book reading at a music club. Especially when it's just before your band plays. I wondered if people would stop to listen.  Or if it would feel odd, being in two different roles, band leader and very new author.  Or if I'd feel so drained after the reading, it...
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I had my second book signing on Sunday.  Just like the first one, at Booksmith in San Francisco, it was a wonderful experience.  Once again, so much of the credit goes to the events coordinator.  The lovely and gracious Vinitha put me at ease and completely charmed my mother, who came along with us...
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The official book launch for Accordion Dreams was Friday, at The Booksmith in San Francisco.  I survived! I even enjoyed it. I was making myself a little crazy with the preparations, I now realize. Re-read my book over 2 days, earlier in the week. That part was smart. (To my great surprise, it  ...
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Accordion Dreams cover lo res.jpg
ACCORDION DREAMS is finally here! It's hard to know when a book is officially out. When the publisher starts shipping? When Amazon says it's in stock? For me, it wasn't real until I got my box of author copies yesterday. What a week! My birthday on Monday, that amazing Inauguration on Tuesday...
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Accordion Dreams cover lo res.jpg
That's what the marketing director at my publisher wrote in an e-mail this morning.  So it's official!  Accordion Dreams is out.   Which means simply this: it's starting to ship.  To bookstores, to Amazon, to  anyone who has pre-ordered.    Even to me!   In about a week, I'll hold the final, hard...
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The lead story in this morning's  Bay Area section of the Chronicle trumpeted the bad news:    www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/01/06/BAFN154UV2.DTL&tsp=1   "Landmark Stacey's Closing Its Books."    The loss of another independent bookstore is so painful.  This one hits...
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Happy Holidays! I'm way behind on my holiday shopping, so now I'm hitting the bookstores.  Books and music are the first thing I think about, when it comes to gifts. I like to think ACCORDION DREAMS would make a wonderful gift.  It could be just the thing for lovers of accordions, Cajun-Creole...
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This Sunday is the first annual Ashkenaz Holiday Crafts Bazaar.    The emphasis is on local, sustainable crafts, food, and music.  It's also part of the holiday "Buy Local" week in the Bay Area. I'll be playing with Sauce Piquante from 1 to 1:40.  I've also donated a signed galley of...
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I'm happy to say that I crossed the NaNoWriMo  50,000 word finish line on Saturday.    I'd hoped to get there a day early, so I could avoid that "all nighter" feeling, but I didn't know if I'd make it.  So close to the end, and  suddenly I felt I was swimming through molasses.   Then I...
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I haven't done a monthly contest lately, so I figured I'd revive it.  I'm also in need of a little NaNoWriMo help, as I get into the home stretch with this first draft of a mystery novel I'm trying to write. So here it is:  Tell me a creative way to get rid of a bad guy with a musical instrument...
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I reached the 2/3 mark yesterday and this afternoon I just  broke 35,000 words.  I'm on track to reach the 50,000 goal by the end of the month. I decided to do NaNo partly to avoid going too crazy with the pre-publication jitters for Accordion Dreams.  But I did get sidetracked yesterday by one...
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Well, I'm right on track!  I broke 25,000 words at around noon today, November 15.  I'm now at 25,743 words, a little over 100 pages.   Amazingly, it feels like a real book.  Not a terrible one, either.  There's a kind of forward momentum I never experienced with my first book, which swallowed up...
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Well, I'm doing it!  Late last night, I got past the 9,000 mark, and part way into Chapter 3 of the mystery novel I'm calling The Music Camp Murders.  (Death by Accordion is catchier, but doesn't fit, sadly.  But there are definitely some accordions, along with bagpipes, bodhrans, and banjos :-) It...
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I signed up for NaNoWriMo,  though I'm not at all sure this is a good idea. But it's funny, my characters are already talking to each other, scenes are spinning out in my head.  I can already picture the setting: a fly-by-night, wacked-out version of the wonderful music camps I have attended for so...
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