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Yikes! I've been Kindled!

I was checking the listing for Accordion Dreams on Amazon a couple of days ago.  I was shocked to discover a little notice that it's now available on Kindle.

I followed the link and, sure enough, there I was.  Kindled.

My first reaction was to wonder how this happened.  Then I figured it must have been the publisher's decision.  It's probably a good thing.  Right?  I guess so.   I don't own a Kindle and have no desire for one.   So I'm not the best judge.

I was amused to discover that my Kindle sales rank is pretty good. Better than than my regular old book rankings. (Yes, I know you have to take all that with many grains of salt!)  But there I was, at #6 in one of my little niche categories, folk and traditional music.  Right behind three different biographies of Peter Seeger, a Woody Guthrie bio, some Paul Simon lyrics, and Donovan's autobiography.  Just ahead of a book on yodeling.  (I just checked today--the yodeler has now passed me by....)

Well, I am in good company for sure.  But I haven't yet made up my mind about Kindle, or any other e-book reader.  Or e-books in general.  I know people who love them.  But I'm an old-fashioned girl.  A Luddite.  

Old enough to actually remember Donovan, for heaven's sake! 

It's hard for me to picture a bunch of old folkies hunkered down over their e-book readers.  But I guess some do.

Maybe I better reconsider. 

Here I am, Kindled:






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I wonder if this term will enter the lexicon. Eventually, it could become a generic word like kleenex that means "having your book made available for download to any reading device."

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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Someone else got kindled....last month!

You got me all excited for a minute, Huntington! (Got me kindled, as in heating up?) I thought maybe I was the first to use the term in this way.

But alas, someone beat me to it, last month.
When I googled "kindled" I found a couple of links to online dictionaries, with the conventional meaning.

Then I found a blog entry from someone else, addressing the same experience, discovering his new book was now on Kindle.

One big difference: this other author was delighted, rather than ambivalent. He said it felt more "permanent" than having one of those old print versions! Not exactly like my reaction...


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Thanks for the research, Blair. Maybe you could coin a word for ambivalence felt by authors who have been "kindled."

Huntington Sharp, Red Room