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Winning Accordion Jokes!

And, with a roll of the drums and a shake of the bellows, I'd like to announce the winner of the accordion joke contest.

It was a tie between two folks who are now new members of Red Room, so I thought this might also be a nice way to welcome them. 

From Mark DeWitt (author of an upcoming book and invited to our Ashkenaz gig tonight):

Q:  What's the definition of perfect pitch?

A:  Throwing an accordion down the toilet without hitting the rim.


From Michaela Nelson: (an out-of-towner who needs to let me know how to send her a CD!)

An accordion player was getting home late one night after a long gig.  Her accordion was in the back of her car and the thought of carrying the heavy case up to her 3rd floor apartment was too daunting, so just this once she decided to leave it in the car and retrieve it in the morning. The next day she goes downstairs and, sure enough, the back window of her car is smashed...and there are two more accordions in the back seat.  

To read the other worthy entries, please go back to the thread following the original blog post. And stay tuned for next month's contest!