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Posted final cover for Accordion Dreams; NaNoWriMo update: 35,000 and climbing!

I reached the 2/3 mark yesterday and this afternoon I just  broke 35,000 words.  I'm on track to reach the 50,000 goal by the end of the month.

I decided to do NaNo partly to avoid going too crazy with the pre-publication jitters for Accordion Dreams.  But I did get sidetracked yesterday by one exciting development.  My publisher passed along the for sure, final cover image, so I went a little crazy getting it up at all the appropriate places.  Like on my website (www.blairkilpatrick.com) and here on Red Room.  It's even up on Amazon, so now the book doesn't look quite so insubstantial!  It really will be out in January!

But meanwhile, back to the NaNo novel, a mystery.   I got a little bogged down yesterday with the plot, but got a fine boost from a Week Three pep talk by Janet Fitch.  Her suggestion when things grind to a halt?  Get your protagonist in trouble!  Have her make a bad decision, then sit back and watch what happens.  It worked!