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NaNoWriMo: Broke the 9,000 barrier!

Well, I'm doing it!  Late last night, I got past the 9,000 mark, and part way into Chapter 3 of the mystery novel I'm calling The Music Camp Murders.  (Death by Accordion is catchier, but doesn't fit, sadly.  But there are definitely some accordions, along with bagpipes, bodhrans, and banjos :-)

It was the first day I failed to write my daily quota, so I have some catching up to do.   (I'm following a little chart I found, which says I should have been at just over 10,000 words, 6 days in.)   

But I'm not worried.  The last few days have been busy. Working at my day job.  The election party we attended Tuesday night.  (You better believe we celebrated!) Recovering on Wednesday.  Then going out last night to hear a friend (Red Room author Mark DeWitt) do a  reading for his new book.  But today and tonight I'm at home, with nothing to do but write.  So I'll be fine.

I'm also really pleased that I've passed an important threshold.  I never got beyond 9,000 words with my first attempt at a novel.  It was also a mystery, featuring the same characters.  I started working on it about 18 months ago.  A year and a half of reading, plotting, writing, editing, massaging.   Those same 2 chapters, over and over.  Are they more polished than what I've produced now?  Sure.  But not 50 times better!  And I think my current effort, where I plot as I go, has more happening--and for sure I feel better momentum.

So far, NaNo is a revelation.  It feels manageable, productive--and a whole lot of fun!