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Happy National Accordion Awareness Month!

Yes, it's June, National Accordion Awareness Month.  Another wonderful San Francisco invention!

I feel duty-bound to note that it's the piano accordion, and not the Cajun accordion, that's been designated San Francisco's official instrument.  A minor oversight.  Good thing I live in Berkeley :-) 

This seemed like a good time to launch my official blog for "Accordion Dreams" at http://accordiondreams.blogspot.com/ 

I'll be offering assorted observations on the final journey to publication in January, along with maybe some contests and give-aways.  So feel free to stop by!

Oh--Sauce Piquante will be playing at McGrath's Pub this coming Saturday in Alameda.  I think it's actually the official "Day of the Accordion" in SF, so we want to do our part!