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Earth Leavened by Air: Riding the Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp

I’m a Capricorn.  My birth date, January 19, falls on the cusp, the transitional space between two astrological signs.  So, technically I’m in the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp. 

But I’m also straddling a more fundamental divide, I just discovered: between the Earth signs and the Air signs. 

My interest in astrology has always been a casual one.  Like most people, I can’t resist taking a look, whenever I come across a horoscope.  But I’ve never pursued it farther than that.  I didn’t even know about the connection to the Four Elements until I read  the message about this week’s blog topic.  (Amazing what you learn hanging out in Red Room!)

I don’t really believe in astrology.  But I have to admit the Capricorn profile has always seemed to fit me.  Serious, responsible, grounded.  The profile of a dutiful oldest child, who grows up to be a responsible adult:  the drive to achieve balanced by a strong sense of propriety and an aversion to risk-taking.

I’ve always found the typical Capricorn profile a little dull, to tell you the truth.  I would much rather have been a free-spirited Aquarian, but it just wasn’t in me.  (Maybe that’s why I’m one of those people who lived through the Sixties—and can still remember most of it!)

But then something began to change for me at midlife.  I discovered Cajun music.  Once I picked up an accordion, the air flowing through the bellows seemed to open me up, too.  I discovered music and dance —and  singing.  I became bolder.   I met people I would never have encountered otherwise.  I battled my way past stage fright to start performing.  And eventually, I came back to writing, an early love I had left behind.  It was a sea change—and the focus of the book I would eventually write, Accordion Dreams.

But now I have another way to think about the emergence of my “other side.”  Maybe it was just the Aquarian winds blowing through my stable, grounded Capricorn life.

There’s a fair amount on the Internet about the astrological profiles of people who are living on the cusp.  Here is one description of the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp:


Capricorn-Aquarius, according to this article, is called the  “Cusp of Mystery and Imagination.”  I like the part about appearing “quiet and unassuming” but having a “vivid dream and fantasy life.”  And how about this:  the dream world may inspire creativity in writing, art, or other endeavors.  That sure fits, since my accordion journey began with a series of vivid, recurring dreams.

The idea is that Capricorn steadies the volatility of Aquarius, while Aquarius brings playfulness and originality to the overly-earnest Capricorn.

Earth leavened by Air.

Maybe there is something to this four element/astrology business after all!

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January 19th


Hooray for January 19th!

Your blog was delightful and easily grabbed my attention because I didn't know I was on the Capricorn-Aquarius cup, which makes January 19th a much more appealing birth date for me. I felt less constrained the second I learned I had some Aquarius leanings.

I have also found the rather boring descriptions of Capricornians a little too accurate. They leave me with the need to defend how wild and crazy I can be. Well, I was. Once or twice.


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Thanks, Jules, for

Thanks, Jules, for commenting. Yes, we can be a more interesting lot than people give us credit for! For years, the only famous person who seemed to share my birthday was General Robert E. Lee, of the misguided and failed Confederacy. Ugh. But now I've found I share January 19 with some more inspiring folks: Edgar Allen Poe. Dolly Parton. Janis Joplin. No one can accuse them of being dull!

Welcome to Red Room, by the way.