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ACCORDION DREAMS launch! And a contest, too.
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ACCORDION DREAMS is finally here!

It's hard to know when a book is officially out. When the publisher starts shipping? When Amazon says it's in stock?

For me, it wasn't real until I got my box of author copies yesterday. What a week! My birthday on Monday, that amazing Inauguration on Tuesday morning, and then I came home from work and discovered my book. In the flesh, so to speak.

It looks beautiful, too. University Press of Mississippi has been such a joy to work with, at every step of the way, including this last one, the physical production of a book. As my agent in NYC said (she got her copies before I did) it even has those cool-looking rough torn page edges. (Can't recall the technical name for it.)

So I am excited! Also preparing for my very first book signing on Friday, at Booksmith in SF.

Speaking of dreams, I've been having some strange ones about book signings. Like one dream where I was supposed to read a poem about death, but I couldn't find it. Another one where the books hadn't arrived, so I was madly searching the house for my galley proofs. Then another one, where I was late and had to wait in line for the shower, because there were all these strangers in my house.

(Think maybe I'm a little anxious?)

Oh, and one more thing. Some nice folks at an accordion blog called "Let's Polka" have had some nice things to say about ACCORDION DREAMS. Then they came up with an idea for a contest. "Ask Blair Kilpatrick." Readers post questions, they will be forwarded to me for answers. The winner gets a free signed copy of the book.

I just took a peek. There are some pretty good questions already. Feel free to post your questions. The deadline is Monday.



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Congrats Blair!!!

I bet you're over the moon. And I know what you mean about the rough torn page edges. What I love most is the smell of a new book. It's just intoxicating.

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Thanks, Jennifer! I'll go

Thanks, Jennifer!

I'll go take a whiff right away.  I forgot about that part :-) 

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Your book

is "officially out" on the pub date, which they've probably given you somewhere or other. The Amazon listing will often tell you.

Congratulations, and happy birthday to your book!

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First signing went well!

Thanks, Louise. I believe publication date was officially Jan 1, and it sure didn't come out then. Amazon date kept shifting in a crazy way. In the spaces of 5 days, it went from "January" (what it had said for months) to "in stock January 21" to "in stock" to "ships in 3-4 weeks" to "in stock" where it remains!

Despite all my worries, the first book signing went really well. I'll post more about that tomorrow.