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Tree and Angel
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Leslie Simon
Poetry Flash, Number 147

When you make a book of poems and inhabit that book with the presence of angels, you better know "from which you speak."  Bill Vartnaw has made such a book, and he speaks to us from a place deep with time and understanding. . . Tree and Angel represent for Vartnaw, and for us as we follow his lead, the power of transformation.  The power, if you will, of poetry.  The tree reaches into heaven and the angels touch down.  Our biological and metaphysical origins meet and marry in Vartnaw's poetry. . .Much of Angels relates the magic of synchronicity and the awakening to its wonders.  When the poet starts looking for Angels, he finds them everywhere and asks, "why didn't I see them before."  In fact, the air is "thick with Angels."  The poet describes, "this feeling between us" as "a wristwatch of Angels."  Indeed, they are a new way, or perhaps the oldest way now revisited, of TELLING TIME.  What we call telepathy, invisible communicatiion, with others and our past selves: ". . .I will not deny/a consciousness we share, a well of being we drink from, a bubbly we both enjoy. . ."  It is "the sweet intelligence/that knows/no limits."