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Comments from Bill

May.22.2010 - 11:40 am
In response to: Ticks
The balance of nature is indeed precarious. We have far more coyotes now than we did a hundred years ago. It is...
Aug.28.2009 - 7:32 pm
In response to: Bad Bear Manners
Thanks for bringing back a good memory. I remember years ago walking through the woods with my dog when I heard the...
May.02.2009 - 9:11 pm
In response to: Shake My Hand . . . Not!
I share your aversion to shaking hands, but unfortunately it is a social ritual that will not go away as long as our...
Apr.15.2009 - 1:38 pm
In response to: Too many books at once?
As a long time SAR volunteer, I agree that Hardin's book is a keeper. My brother-in-law loaned it to me to read, but I...
Apr.13.2009 - 9:13 pm
In response to: WHY do people litter?
I'm convinced people litter for exactly the same reasons they commit other crimes - they have no concern for the rights...