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 There are so many deserving short stories but one that comes to mind immediately is "Araby" by James Joyce from the Dubliners Collection. The young boy's fascination and infatuation with his friend's older sister, the delusion that she even knows he's even alive, and the epiphany of his...
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Living in the Bay Area, it's pretty hard to not talk about City Lights. It was one of the first stores I visited in San Francisco. With the wide selection of fiction, poetry and unusual nonfiction titles, I don't think there's a book you can't find there. Plus, it's oozing with literary history as...
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Hi All, My friends are beating me up to write something here so I guess it's time. I've always said being a jazz musician has taken me to places I would never have gone to. July is a good example both ends of the spectrum. July 15th, I played at Yoshi's San Francisco with the Dick Conte Trio. July...
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