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SOMEONE asked me the other day how I had gotten over the sudden death of someone I loved. What I wanted to say but found myself unable to explain (for it would have sounded too strange) was that I learned a good deal about moving through grief from some trees I once knew. They were not my trees...
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8th Avenue triangle.JPG
The saddest thing I’ve ever heard said about New York is also the most romantic:  A friend once told me she loved New York so much she couldn’t bear the thought of it going on without her.  Sad because New York can never return the sentiment.   Sad because my friend is now gone...
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Cook on a Break, 54th St., NYC
Nice news to share: Bloomsbury UK/USA, publisher of my forthcoming book "SWEAT: A History of Exercise," will also publish "Insomniac City," a collection of my stories of New York (some of which have been appearing in The New York Times). The book will include photos I've taken...
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Mating Dance - Subway
I saw a girl on a Manhattan-bound train wearing a knock-off Louis Vuitton headscarf and false eyelashes long enough to make a Daddy Long-legs envious.  Her look—a sort of Sally-Bowles-does-Brooklyn—was complete with a matching knockoff LV handbag and umbrella.  She was seated next to a...
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I don’t like to be late but I am not averse to getting lost.  Which, when I stop and think about it, seems to happen with some frequency.   I don’t do it deliberately.   But I also do not pre-plot every step and turn when heading somewhere I do not know, and I don’t have a...
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Middle age arrives not with a birthday, with 48 candles on an angel food cake, but with a sudden unbidden insight in the middle of a sleepless night. You roll over and eye the clock and see all at once that the phrase “anything is possible” is not true. That is, it is no longer true for you, if...
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One night last year I called my friend Oliver and told him to meet me on the roof of our apartment building. He lives three flights down from me. I had pulled together a simple dinner — roast chicken, good bread, olives, cherries, wine. We ate at a picnic table. I’d forgotten wineglasses, so we...
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A new piece http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/06/04/from-a-familiar-stranger-a-poem-written-on-the-stars/?ref=nyregione in the NYT
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A word from Plato--and me. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/22/opinion/sunday/platos-body-and-mine.html?_r=1&ref=opinion  
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My essay on the 30th anniversary of AIDS is now appearing in The New York Review of Books.  See link below in Articles section.
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The New York Times included my essay "Insomniac City" in its recent special section, Op-Ed at 40, a selection of memorable pieces from the Times' Opinion page.  Link below. 
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"Insomniac City," an essay about my moving to and falling in love with New York City, is appearing in the New York Times.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Link below, under the Articles tab.  bh
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A new essay, on sleep, insomnia, and loss.   See link below:  "Sleep: Loss."  Let me know what you think.  - bh
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Anatomist paperback.jpg
A nice mention of THE ANATOMIST, just published in paperback, in the New York Times Book Review today:  "Henry Gray, the man behind Gray's Anatomy (he had the help of a fellow doctor who created the drawings), became Hayes's obsession.  He finds out as much as he can about Gray's life--not...
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Over the weekend, I gave a talk at the annual AMI (Ass'n of Medical Illustrators) conference in Richmond, Virginia, on my book The Anatomist.  What an honor to speak before some 300 latter-day H.V. Carters!     
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