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My version of a holiday story in the New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/22/opinion/sunday/thank-you-for-hacking-me.html?smid=pl-share Send love, not cash, please!  - bh  
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I saw a girl on a Manhattan-bound train wearing a knock-off Louis Vuitton headscarf and false eyelashes long enough to make a Daddy Long-legs envious.  Her look—a sort of Sally-Bowles-does-Brooklyn—was complete with a matching knockoff LV handbag and umbrella.  She was seated next to a...
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Fisherman 3_Drawing by Joseph Griffith.jpg
The subway ride continues....via the Virginia Quarterly Review:  http://www.vqronline.org/blog/2013/11/12/subway-lifer-a-fisherman-on-the-subway/#.UoNkVGwo7IU  Enjoy, bh
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Buffed 004.jpg
I once said to someone that one doesn’t come to New York for beauty.  I said that’s what Paris or Iceland is for.  I said one comes to New York to live in New York, with all its noise and trash and rats in the subway and cabs stuck in crosstown traffic jams. I didn’t know what the hell I...
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Recently, I was interviewed for the newsletter of the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation.  Here is an excerpt from our conversation, July 2013:   In each of your three critically acclaimed books you’ve managed to brilliantly illuminate the intricacies of the human body in a way that...
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I met a girl at a party who almost got into a fight over directions.  In fact, that’s pretty much exactly what she said when she came up to me:  “I almost just got into a fight with a guy out there over directions.”  She glanced at the sidewalk.  She was still incensed. ...
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One day not long ago, I left work at 5:15 and headed west on Fulton to catch the uptown 4/5 at Broadway.  The sidewalk was packed thick with commuters.  I felt weary and aggravated by the slow pace of the crowd.  “Come on, people,” I muttered under my breath, “let’s move.”  Just...
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When the lease on my first New York apartment came up for renewal, the landlord raised my rent.  I could no longer justify what I would be paying for a small, sixth-floor walk-up, so I decided to move.  I found a relatively inexpensive place on the East side, a few blocks from the 1st...
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New York Cite - by Joseph Griffith
I know New Yorkers who last took a subway in their twenties—thirty years ago—or who would rather be stuck in traffic any day than on an express train anyplace. That’s cool. Someday I, too, may know the luxury of a town car and driver or what it is always to take a taxi home. But till those...
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Sandow's back.png
If only I had read Plato. That’s what I thought when I saw my MRI: 28 images, impossible to deny, of a torn rotator cuff muscle — a consequence of years of weightlifting. And that’s just my shoulder. May I present C4, C5 and C6 (my herniated discs), my plantar fasciitis, my patellar tendinitis —...
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Flowers in a Vase - by Joseph Griffith
One evening last summer, I headed out to see a friend’s band at a bar in Brooklyn, not the kind of thing I’d normally do with work the next day, but how often does one have a friend who has a band playing at a bar on a Thursday?  Just outside my front door, I crossed paths with a tall...
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Marilyn dumbbell press
For years, I've been carrying around in my head thoughts, observations, and personal tips on exercise. I've started to keep a list: "Sweat 101s," I call them.  #1: Try to learn something new every time you exercise. Start today. #2: The gym is one place where copying is never cheating. Steal...
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"Insomniac City" - by Joseph Griffith, 2010
I met a fisherman on the 1 train last night.  I have met fishermen before—I’m from the Pacific Northwest, and have fished myself—but this was a first in New York.  It would have been hard to miss him even in a packed subway car.  His two large fishing rods, like a pair of periscopes...
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Clouds shaped like Spaceships - Husavik, Iceland
I've just returned from my third trip to Iceland in a year.  When this comes up in conversation, I am inevitably and understandably asked why--what brings me there?  It's not business; yet vacation doesn't seem the right word either.  The question as to why Iceland would be...
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Urban Diebenkorn
I am still stunned by and will always be grateful for this honor:  a 2013 Guggenheim Fellowship in Nonfiction.  I was in the locker room at my gym on Tuesday night, still in my swimsuit and dripping wet, when I picked up the news on my BlackBerry--which was appropriate somehow, given that...
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