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The Sacred Hoop: Mint First Edition Hardcover for Sale
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I have a number of signed mint copies of The Sacred Hoop, published in 1979 by Sierra Club Books for sale through this web site.  The book includes illustrations and was designed by the late James Robertson of Yolla Bolly Press, a design that won awards.  Please contact me through Red Room for further details.

The book is a cycle of fourteen earth tales covering the span of western history.  In my words:  "All the the tales in this book rest upon archological or historical evidence.  A number of the characters unquestionably lived. . . . The Sacred Hoop is fiction, each story shaped according to my purpose or concerns.  I have wanted to show the changing relationship of humankind to earth in the Western wrold.  This relationship has been complicated by our membership in communities and our worship of gods.  I have therefore attempted to place my characters in situations pertinent to these problems rather than to approximate some truth about them as they actually existed."

Critical comments follow:

"Bill Broder's The Scared Hoop is a special book in which the moral qualities of the human spirit, linked to a metaphysical presence moving through history and pervading life, are persuasive and affecting. It's a fine piece of writing. A book as good as this . . . is something to inspire the courage and faith we all need to keep going."
-Robert Stone
"The Scared Hoop is a wise and eloquent book, outlining through story the tragedy and triumph of human evolution."
-Edward Abbey
"What a magnificent surprise, then, to discover something as profoundly original as The Scared Hoop... It is fiction, but Bill Broder's vision is so rooted in historical and pre-historical fact that it must be taken as a kind of literary documentary. . . . He is a master story teller, whose graceful prose is so engrossing that readers will find themselves instantly absorbed in what is sure to become a classic."
-Pat Holt, The San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle