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He had arrived in America in 1887, but we first met him in 1906 when it seemed he may be approaching the end of his story, for he has been arrested from blowing up the ex-governor of Idaho, a murder which lead to one of the most celebrated trials of the period. The men questioning him wan t him to implicate Big Bill Haywood, leader of the IWW and the Western Federation of...
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When a car accident makes sixteen-year-old rock and roll freak Harold an orphan and sends him to live with his Aunt Enid in the Californian desert, he and she both find they have to make radical adjustments to their lives.
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Being blond and blue-eyed, having a Jewish mother and a Mexican father are more than enough to saddle David Rodríguez with a severe identity problem. Then there are his grandfathers. They didn't object to his parents' marriage on grounds of religion or race. For them it was a matter of revolutionary politics. That Trotsky was murdered in Mexico City was, for his Russian...