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Spectacle of Insanity
this is me

..squemishly for my acushla..

Grace so divine overflow in such a crystal stream,

Effulge of hope and love that annoy the deem.

Ordain or of like kind coincidence of heart,

Fluky rightfully from Above in this abominable art.

Rave solely and addle - brained muttering...please stay.

Ecole of happiness and rejoice ruined when you came near thee.

Yearning your presence knows no adieu though unheard,

Special and what momentous is the affection I felt so endeared.

Before you come upon in the coldness of the times,

Everything seems to be accursed by my mournful rhymes.

Though these sentiments of mine was so abstruse,

Out of abstinence to say; yet this passion so long inclosed.

Noble in my life you are; in every breathe and more,

In my vacant or in pensive mood; you're the music in life I bore.

O listen! Behold with my faiht, I am madly falling...