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Nikki Mason

Sown in Tears will have you gripped from the first sentence.  This exciting, fast-paced novel takes all the elements of romance, family love, friendship and loyalty and places them into the fascinating setting of a small Jewish settlement in Russia in 1905.

The scene is set when strong-minded Leah, her two young sons Benny and Josephe and her good but coldy Orthodox husband Morris hide in their cellar as a destructive rampage by anti-Semitic peasants, who use the Jews as scapegoats for their country's problems, rage in their village.

Many of the villagers are killed, including Leah's husband.  As she struggles to rescue some form of happiness for herself and children in the aftermath, she finds herself drawn to trouble in the form of the stern but handsome army captain, Vaselik, as well as a group of rebellious Jewish youths looking for justice.  But will freedom for her people or the chance for true love win out?

Magid creates a wonderful atmosphere of stifling terror and poverty in the Jewish community and the courage and survival instincts of Leah are so expertly created that you are willing her on, even when her actions could have serious consequences for her family.  The novel truly stands out in the 'chick lit' category as a brave and exciting choice of subject matter written with real heart and finesse.