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Jun 2008

Former entertainment publicist and journalist, now writing historical fiction. Second novel, SOWN IN TEARS, now out to great reviews. Political and news junkie, living in Los Angeles, but raised on East Coast. Interested in environment, human and animal rights.


I've worked in the private workshops of author Janet Fitch and poet/novelist Kate Braverman, both of whom influenced with their artistry and passion for the written word. I've also worked with Natalie Goldberg (Writing Down the Bones) and Judy Reeves (Writer's Book of Days).

Upcoming Works

My new novel, "Sown in Tears," is available now! Set in Russia in 1905, a young woman living with her husband and young children in the Pale of the Settlement in Russia, 1905. The country is in great turmoil, with horrific pogroms occurring, especially against the Jews,the beginnings of the revolution starting to roil the country. We follow Leah's journey, trying to survive, experiencing the drama and unexpected romance which changes her life.

My first novel "Flying Out of Brooklyn" was just published in December, 2007. It takes place over the summer, in 1943 while World War 2 has engaged the entire country, a young woman in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is trying to fulfill her life, despite a lackluster marriage and a nowhere job, when she runs into an old crush home from the fighting.  

Both novels are available at www.BeverlyMagid.com

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