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We are our own worst critic. A common statement, but oh so true! I am harsh with myself. I tear my writing apart bit by bit. I judge myself harshly. I compare myself to others who, in my mind, are better, more talented, gifted. "How do they come up with these beautiful descriptions and...
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The past couple of weeks I have buried myself in books - in more ways than one. I work in a school library and school is now in session. Part of my job is processing all the new books we receive. Not only am I surrounded by the books on the shelves calling out to me, "Read me!" But I am...
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Many folks mourn the end of summer, but for me the changing season brings the hope of new things. Summers can vary in the activity, the events, the weather, the plans. But with Fall comes consistency. School begins. Football's on. Schedules ensue. The morning and evening cool blanket the mid-day...
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Blonde-haired Baby Brother...the precious moments.
The house is quiet. All I can hear is the distant crash of the waves, and the soft ticking of the bedside clock. Sun streams softly through the window, filtered by the eucalyptus trees swaying in the breeze outside. I am tiny. My face just peeks over the edge of the wooden cradle. I rest my chin on...
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Here's to Kindred Spirits!
Twenty Five Years....that's a long time to have not seen someone and reunite. I had the honor of meeting up with a friend from Junior High whom I had not seen in twenty five years. A lot of life happens in twenty five years - good and bad, joyous and sad, thrilling and tragic. One would think a...
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New Beginnings
My last blog entry title must have been appropriate! Distractions! Obviously I've had them since I haven't posted on here since June! But all you writers out there will be happy to know, I have been writing, although I have not posted here. :-) This has been a good summer so far. I feel it's a...
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Distractions...so many of them...family obligations, moods, busyness, needs...so many of them. But should I let these things distract me from my heart? My heart is to write - to write all that is inside of me. But I let distractions get in my way... Still trying to figure out balance...
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Stuck! That's what describes where I am. I'm at a part in my story that has me flustered. Where to go from here? How do I tie everything together? I'm writing from two different perspectives, and two different times - past and present. I'm at a point where things seem jumbled and I'm not sure how...
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This morning is a semi-writer's block morning. I say "semi" because words are being written, but I'm feeling forced. The writing is not flowing. Up until this morning, the story I'm working on has practically put itself on the paper. My frenzied fingers have flown over the keyboard of my...
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I took a break from writing yesterday. For one, I’m reading a novel one of my students wrote that I promised I would finish before school was out. Time is winding down, my deadline is quickly approaching, so I figured I better get on it! The second reason was that I don’t want my family to resent...
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Rainy Friday. Writing Friday. Napping Friday. Should be a Housework Friday. Instead I think I'll Cozy Up Friday. Attending to the Soul Friday. Healthy Dose of Me Time Friday. Enjoy the Moment Friday. Rainy Friday. Good Friday.
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I was an 80's girl. Yes imagine, leg-warmers, big-hair, male band members in competition with female superstars. Pop music consisted of synthesizers, punk-rock, Madonna and the most classic of all....Hair Bands. Bon Jovi, Van Halen...the bigger the hair, the tighter the leather, the better. Hair...
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Last night I worked on my story. I wrote for about an hour. I know that’s not much, but that’s all I had to give. I wrote almost 800 words. I’m thinking ahead to November, to NaNoWriMo (http://www.nanowrimo.org). I’ll be back at work then. What will I sacrifice to write everyday? To write an...
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Rain falls. Duty calls. Coffee sip. Raindrop drip. Feeling lazy. Life crazy. Off to work. Kids the perk. Fun and laughs. Book aftermath. Another day. On my way...Workday done. What fun! Home again. Din-din. Relax awhile. My style. Bed calls. I fall. Alarm set. Sleep get. All repeat. Life is sweet.
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