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The end of Summer; a beginning

Many folks mourn the end of summer, but for me the changing season brings the hope of new things. Summers can vary in the activity, the events, the weather, the plans. But with Fall comes consistency. School begins. Football's on. Schedules ensue. The morning and evening cool blanket the mid-day warmth. Layers become the style. The end of summer is the mark of a new year for students around the nation. First day of school. First day of a fresh beginning.

Fall speaks invigoration to me. Back to work I go. Feeding great literature to young minds brings joy and purpose. There's nothing more satisfying then to hear a student who dared me with the words, "I hate reading." change that saying to, "That was the BEST book! Can you suggest another?" Summer's end is not something to mourn in my world. It's just the beginning!