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Distractions...so many of them...family obligations, moods, busyness, needs...so many of them. But should I let these things distract me from my heart? My heart is to write - to write all that is inside of me. But I let distractions get in my way... Still trying to figure out balance...

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There Is No Balance.

The writing is everything. Let nothing stand in the way. Jobs, spouses, children, your own sanity: None of it matters. Pick up that pen.

Send me $10.

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Cheap Advice!

Only $10?  I should seek your advice more often! But, alas, in my life children and spouse are VERY important. A definite priority. More than my family, my moods have been my distraction lately. But I'm getting back in the game. Oh yes I am!!

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Hooray for children and spouse! For me the best way to achieve balance is to carve out a block at the same time EVERY DAY to apply butt to chair and fingers to keyboard. You show up to work on time every day, no matter what other distractions are going on, so make this the same. Like any habit, it takes a while to establish, but once you do, it pays off bigtime.

You'll feel great about giving your writing a priority, and the other important aspects of your life will find time for themselves too.

If you're feeling moody, leverage that to write a scene where your character has the same mood.

Oh, and listen to music, preferably something that puts you in the right space for the scene you're on.

Good Luck!

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Just what I needed...

Tad, you always have just the right words and encouragement for me.  I love the idea of writing a scene in which the character is experiencing the same mood. I'm definitely going to try that one! And music...music is definitely a friend and motivator to me in other areas of my life. I hadn't thought of using it for my writing time.

Thank you, my friend.  

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Glad to Help

... and never, under any circumstances, go to Red Room or Facebook during your writing time...