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Sarah Palin will be spending your tax dollars soon!

Somewhere between Sarah Palin calling blue states un-American and citing Obama as being a misogynist because he didn't pick Hillary Clinton for his running mate, information has come to light that this so-called " maverick" and "reformer" is actually a big spender.

 However, dear readers, it is not her own money that she shells out, it's that of her dear tax payers in Alaska. Governor Palin's travel documents show over $20,000 of tax money spent on her children's travel expenses. These costs only include events at which Palin's children were not invited to attend. They also include stays at luxury hotels. I thought Palin was going to fight against government spending not add to her tax payers tab? 

It has been reported this week that the Republican National Committee has spent over $150,000 on Palin's wardrobe, accessories and make up. Governor Palin, I thought that you vowed to end improper spending? As this country brinks on a depression, do you think that it was wise for the RNC to spend such an amount? According to what you tell the nation about your penny-pinching, wouldn't you stand up and say “thanks, but no thanks"? 

I didn't think so.

However, I could care less about your wardrobe. It's not on the taxpayers dime, but what you have taxed your constituents on is concerning.  It actually goes beyond concerning, it's a bad omen. Your hypocritical spending practices are the quintessential actions that speak louder than the bullshit words that come out of your over-lipsticked mouth. 

Think about it.