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McCain and Palin may be endangering Obama's life!

As I sat down to chuckle at the Daily Show last night, I noticed a segment in which they played a portion of a recent McCain rally. McCain, once again, informed his audience of the baseless and unfounded " connection" between former domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, and Barack Obama.

From the crowd, not only could you hear "boos" but you could hear people yelling "kill him!", "lynch him!".


McCain and Palin, you let these things be said and do NOTHING to stop it? The two of you are encouraging right-wing extremists to carry out an assassination of our Democratic Presidential candidate.

You know it and you're not doing anything to stop it.

You absolutely disgust me! You are heartless, worthless, greedy, selfish and immoral. You have no business in the White House.

Just to let you know Sarah Palin and John McCain, if something happens to Obama, his blood is on your hands.