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John McCain, you can't suspend a presidency.

As I typed in “Gallup Poll” in my search engine, I had an almost childlike excitement as I awaited the results. John McCain’s recent “determination” to resolve our country’s recent financial crisis and “ suspension” of his campaign to make it a top priority has turned my stomach enough to assume that Obama would have a whopping lead in the polls.


I was wrong.


The Gallup Poll shows that they are tied.


John McCain has dropped everything, including his campaign, in order to save our nation from the current financial nightmare that we are in. Senator McCain, you have my sincerest and deepest gratitude as I know that participating in Congressional meetings and sessions is your top priority. You want to stand up for the American people and make sure that our voice is heard.


However, if participating in Congressional sessions has always been your top priority, then why haven’t you voted in one since last April? I’m sure he could have been there to pass measures that may have prevented some of this mess, but he wasn’t, and he didn’t.


Senator McCain, how exactly do you view the role of the president? A president is at work 24/7 for the duration of their term. Yes, you do have to be able to prioritize, however you also have to be able to multi-task. Our economy is in the toilet, but that is not our nation’s only pressing problem. Your decision to suspend your campaign is letting the American people know that you are not capable of handling pertinent, national issues and crises simultaneously.


Also, why is he trying to delay the debate? If he is confident in his experience and qualifications, then how is he not able to defend them on a public stage? Furthermore, if his is so sure of your Vice Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin, then why won’t his campaign allow her to speak with reporters? Is it because her comments have proven her inexperience, lack of insight and qualifications to be Vice President?


There is no debating the fact that John McCain’s actions, or should I say inactions, only reinforce the fact that he is not the one capable of leading this country in the right direction.


Silence is golden right McCain? Unfortunately, last time I checked, gold wasn’t worth much.


Neither are you.